What I'm Working On
The good, the Weird, the absurd.
I try to remove myself as much as possible from the things I make. I don't have any practical reasoning for this behavior, aside from perhaps not wanting to center myself in the work (psychoanalyze this as much as you want).

I've realized lately that this is probably counterproductive, and that accepting myself as an integral part of these projects might better help people understand what it is I'm trying to accomplish. Maybe it'll help me understand what I'm trying to accomplish. Who knows (I probably don't).

With that in mind, here's a list of everything I'm working on, what I want to be working on, and everything in-between.

Zachary Hayes


Commvnion Logo
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Maybe one of the weirdest things I've done. Commvnion is a subversive and potentially offensive NFT art project that attacks the very nature and absurdity of NFTs. No one's picked up on it, and that's probably for the best. I've created a very in-depth universe that this project exists in, and that universe has expanded to include some other projects on this page.

There's a video component as well on TikTok.

Ordinary Logo

The Ordinarily Organization is an anti-art art movement that aims to promote the obfuscation of art as a whole. It's a rejection of the modern art world and events like Art Basel that celebrate the aesthetics of celebrity art culture more than the art itself. Think of Ordinarily as the parent company of everything I do.


It probably is and isn't exactly what you think it is. Still very much a work in progress, so I'll refrain from disclosing too much at this point.

Foxbird Logo
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A free range nomadic retail conservatory. Foxbird is a curated collection of art and cultural artifacts that my partner and I would want to have in our own home. The idea is to consume and appreciate these items as long as we want, while creating a space for them online where we can archive their historical and artistic importance. The items are available for purchase, and we will have location specific collections of things we find while traveling.

Example of items include a first edition English language printing of Là-Bas by the French writer Joris-Karl Huysmans, a first edition printing of The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire (illustrated by Major Felten), and an original lithograph poster by Georges Braque. Launching ... soonish.


My forward facing identity as a graphic and visual designer. A curated collection of design work and artistic endeavors used when presenting myself to potential employers. My day job.

Gloutir - Design And Development As A Service
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Gloutir is my subscription based design and development studio that offers myself (and my ideas) as a productized service. I primarily try to focus on Webflow and WordPress development as I've realized there's an extremely large gap for these services in the agency / marketing space.

The site itself was built in WordPress.

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A large, evolving list of actually useful design resources to make your design life easier. It's amazing how much easier things are today.



Existentialism as a service. Absurdly is a mobile app / subscription service that allows you to subject yourself to a variety of existential ideas and concepts and ways to work your way out of them. The general idea is to become The Absurd Hero and combat the meaninglessness of life with actionable items. Launching ... someday.

It's In The Wild

An undisclosed project that's part science / part philosophy. Philosophical science? This is one of the few projects I'm actively creating that I feel genuinely benefits from not having an identifiable creator. I'll probably release it here after it's run its course. If you saw it in the wild, you'd probably realize where it came from.

Manufactured Human

Manufactured Human is a philosophical fashion project based on the idea that nothing is real, so it doesn't ultimately matter what you wear or what you look like. This freedom from societal restraints informs a more compelling and interesting take on fashion and what is or isn't acceptable in our imaginary modern society.


Cultfindr is a service for finding cults, or "new religious movements". As ridiculous as that sounds, there's some intellectual curiosity to be enjoyed in learning about the various ways other people are finding meaning and purpose in life. Fundamentally none of us have any idea why we're here, so you might as well absorb as many different perspectives as possible. Maybe refrain from actually joining any of them though.


Solipsism Wow! is a marketing campaign to promote the joyful philosophical concept of Solipsism; the idea that only one's mind is sure to exist. The campaign and marketing collateral is based off the Catholicism Wow! campaign featured in Kevin Smith's wonderful 1999 film Dogma.


The Society of Spiritual Incision is a spin off from the universe I created for Commvnion. I intend to flesh out (pun intended) more of this universe in detail through various mediums / medias.


Roam By Land
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Roam By Land is a passion project between my partner and I. It’s a sort of outdoor adventure journal documenting our trips and time together. Eventually we hope to make Roam By Land a larger part of our lives as we shift to a more nomadic way of life.

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Downtvwn is an Instagram based photo journal chronicling my daily and nightly walks around wherever it is I'm currently living. It was initially focused around downtvwn Houston, Tx but grew to encompass a variety of urban landscapes.


A plus symbol

The Index is what you're looking at now. It's whatever this is. It's not anything it isn't. I built this in Webflow because I wanted to play with some Webflow elements.

Total Perspective Vortex

If you're a fan of Douglas Adams, you can see where this is vaguely headed.



OS Logo
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I used to like writing. The Malarkist was a reflection of that. 10+ years ago, lots of early 20s angst. Pretty sure all of this was written while intoxicated. I just purchased malarkist.com, maybe The Malarkist will make a comeback. A sober Malarkist.